A few words about our school

School No. 7 in Chojnice presently consists of a nursery school, primary school and junior high school, which means that it is a real bee hive from the beginning of school year (1st September) to the last Friday of June when we welcome summer holidays.
Our school is a modern e-institution, a digital school of the future. Each classroom is equipped with a high-quality digital projector. Lessons are enriched by interactive whiteboards and laptops for students.

The school has a modern sports base. We have an up-to-date sports ground and basketball court, modern sports hall and fully equipped sports facilities. You can play football on the football field with dimensions of 30 m × 62m with artificial grass turf. It is also possible to perform stretching exercises, as the ground is very soft and elastic. Circuit, located along the pitch, allows you to check  results in the sprint up to 60 m. On the multifunctional pitch measuring 20m × 30m with artificial turf tartan you can play handball, basketball, volleyball and tennis.

Apart from sport, languages are vital in our school. Students here learn English and German.  Optionally, you can learn Kashubian – the language of native inhabitants of the region. Students can take part in extra language classes, innovations, language school projects and cross-cultural projects. The students taking part in English innovation classes successfully completed an educational eTwinning project entitled ‘Enjoy European Friendship’ and cooperated with their pals from Czech Republic and Italy. We recommend watching a short video concerning eTwinning on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aj5jlCdcnI8.

We are proud of our Kashubian roots and cherish Kashubian culture by learning the language during extra classes, meeting Kashubian artists, visiting places which are the cradle of Kashubian customs. Recently we have even taken part in a television programme devoted to Kashubian culture.

Naturally, our school is open to students with lots of different interests. This is why we offer a wide range of extra classes and school projects in mathematics, history, geography, chemistry, physics, Polish, art and IT. Consequently, our school is full of  life. Every school year we have numerous events, for example: Science Day, Ecological Festival, Patrons’ Week, The Week of Foreign Languages, Carnival Ball, Kashubian Unity Day, concerts, workshops, school trips, competitions, school assemblies … to name just a few.

During breaks school radio makes both students and teachers forget about hardships of daily school life routine and we have a chance to chill out by the rhythms of music. School canteen, however,  helps us to overcome hunger and serves tasty meals.

School organization:

Deputy headmistress: ALINA JARUSZEWSKA
Deputy headmistress:  KAMILA SZULC


Address: ul. Tuwima 2, 89-600 Chojnice
School reception: +48 52 397 37 70
e-mail address: zsp7@interia.pl